MHDC Press Release September 2020 - click here for details 

Community Fibre Partnership - gigabyte broadband   JULY 13th 2020 UPDATE 


A big thank you to all who responded to the recent invitation to take part. We are however still some way from reaching the targets for each of the 4 schemes.


There is still time to sign up, so that everyone in the parish can have a fibre connection installed. The government funding means that the cost of this will be covered and the only cost to you as a house holder or business will be a possible increase in your monthly service provider cost, after 12 months you can revert to your previous or a lower cost arrangement. The connection will remain providing the opportunity to use it in the future and in all likelihood it will be something future buyers will look for. 


There are 215 eligible premises in the parish and 64 have signed up (meaning we can get vouchers from the government for £120,000) , 6 have said they are not interested so that leaves 145 who could if they signed up mean that we could attract government funding of £295.000! (For each business we get £3500 and for each domestic premises we get £1500).


Although the government has committed to providing fibre/super-fast/gigabyte broadband, there are at present no new schemes or details, which means that if we are not able to proceed under the current scheme, it may be some years before we get a similar opportunity. 


To discuss or sign up please contact Richard Burrows  or any member of the parish council


Bringing faster broadband to Cotheridge and Broadwas

There are four areas in the Community Fast Broadband Project.

Choose the appropriate form and load down a Word document.

Once downloaded (a status line at the bottom of your screen shows when) save it.

Edit the form with you information and email to


   Richard Burrows at

   or Magda Cullen

Cotheridge Church Lane form

Cotheridge A44 to Broadwas form

Little Green form

Knightwick to Broadwas form

The Background to Bringing faster broadband to Cotheridge and Broadwas


Thanks to a government funding scheme the Parish Council are working with Worcestershire County Council Superfast Broadband Team and BT Openreach to help all businesses and homes in the parish have a better internet connection.

Presently most of us benefit from the fibre network that links local cabinets to exchanges, however the connection between local cabinets still relies on copper wires, which depending on where you live or work can mean that connection speeds are slow and or can’t keep up with demand. The scheme means that subject to there being enough local commitment that a fibre connection can be installed to most addresses in the parish. As a result, there will be a faster and more reliable connection, which as the use of the internet continues to expand, we all will stand more chance of keeping up. 


We are now at the stage where the parish has been divided into 4 areas (Cotheridge main village), areas around, Little Green and Broadwas main village. 

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