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Parish Council meetings Archives 2020

Documents for Ordinary PC Zoom Meeting 8th June


Minutes of May Zoom Meeting

Communications received

 * Capacity to Respond to the ongoing risk of infection? 

 * Reply to Capacity to Respond

Treasurer's Report 

Bank Reconciliation report

Budget Report

WCC Phil Grove's Covid Gold Report

WCC Top 5 report 

MHDC Daniel Walton's DC Report

Planning Report

  Appendix i Notes from Ms L Morton

  Appendix ii PC's Response to Inspector's questions

Gigabyte Fibre Broadband Report 

PLO Report 

Other Reports tba

Audit Reports 2020

Internal Audit Report 2020

Notice of conclusion of External Audit 2020

Section 1, 2 & 3 Governance statement + External Auditors report for 2019 - 2020

Closure letter

Audit Reports 2019


Notice of conclusion of Audit 2019

Section 1, 2 & 3 Governance statement +External Auditors report for 2018 - 19


Notice of conclusion of Audit 2018

Section1 annual governance statement 2017-18

External auditor report and certificate 2017-2018

Asset Register 2018-19

Documents for Ordinary PC Zoom Meeting 11th May


Minutes of April Zoom Meeting

Communications received

Risk Assessment for lengths-man

Bank Reconciliation April 2020

Budget Review

Treasurer's Report

WCC Phil Grove's Covid Gold Report 

MHDC Daniel Walton's Report

Planning Report 

PLO Report

Highways & Transport Update 

April 20th - First Public Parish Council Meeting via ZOOM

First PC Zoom meeting April 2020

Documents for Ordinary PC Zoom Meeting 20th April

Zoom Agenda

Minutes (Draft April)

Additional Reports

MHDC Councillor's report 

WCC Phil Grove's Covid Gold report 

Minutes for March meeting

Planning report

Zourka report

Treasurer's report

Bank Reconciliation

Budget Review April 2020

PLO report

Defibrillator & Faster Broadband Update

Clerk's Report


Code of Conduct   

Model Standing Orders

NALC's Legal Topic Note 5 Parish & Community Council Meetings

HMG's Community & Local Government 'Transparency Code' 

Risk Schedule 2020-21

Scheme of Delegation  


Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) Reports

Financial Regulations March 2020

Statement of Internal Controls 2020

Internal Audit Report

Explanation of Variances

Explanation of High Reserves

Payments Over £500 2019-20

Reconciliation to March 31st 2020

Asset Register 2020-21 

Budget Monitoring Report

Documents for Parish meeting (March 2020)


Addendum to Agenda and February Minutes

Additional Reports 

MHDC Daniel Walton report

WCC Phil Grove report  

Planning report

Treasurer's report 

Documentation for Parish meeting (February 2020)

Agenda and Minutes 

Additional Reports

MHDC Daniel Walton report

MHDC Five-Year Plan

MHDC Destination Zero environmental report

WCC Phil Grove report

Parish Council's Grand Plan 

Agenda and Minutes

January Agenda and Minutes

Parish Council meetings Archives 2019


Documentation for Parish meetings

Agenda and Minutes

No December meeting

November Agenda and Minutes

October Agenda and Minutes

September  Agenda  and Minutes                   

No August meeting 

July Agenda and Minutes

June Agenda and Minutes

May 2019

   Annual Parish meeting Agenda

   Annual Parish Council meeting Agenda

   Faster Broadband Initiative

   Annual Meeting of the Parish Minutes

   Minutes of the Parish Council AGM

April Agenda and Minutes

March Agenda and Minutes

February Agenda and Minutes

January Agenda and Minutes

Parish Council meetings Archives 2018

No December meeting

November Agenda and Minutes

October Agenda and Minutes

              Parish Newsletter

September Draft Minutes and Agenda

              Parish Newsletter

No August meeting

July Draft Minutes

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