Village Hall Extension update

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The Village Hall Extension Story!

The footings have been trenched and a delivery of building materials has commenced. 

Builders used metal detecting equipment to locate a power cable and avoided a nasty accident when using a digger.

7th November 2020.

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Work starts on village hall by off loading building materials
Digging the foundations
Cement lorries arrive
You need a long delivery arm to pour the cement
Cement footings in place

Delivering the wet concrete for the footings with a very long delivery shoot.

Tamp down.  Job done, now it has to set. 9th November.

Up to ground level
Walls going up
Waiting for footings to dry

As if by magic the walls begin to grow. 17th November 2020.

Brickies at work

A week later and things have moved on a pace 25th  November 2020.

Inside the half built extension

Nearly to the roof

11th December 2020.

Nearly to the roof
View from above Christmas 2020
Scaffolding for roof structure

From above (Santa's view)

December 20th

New year - new view >>>

View from above with new rafters in place January 1st

<<< January 31st 2021 Nearly water tight

April 2021 Almost there >>>

Nearly complete April 2021

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