Message from Doctor Kathryn Cobain Director for Public Health Worcestershire.

MPs warn Ultra-fast broadband for rural areas to be abandoned - Broadwas could be left out so sign up now before it is too late. Other areas in the two parishes have qualified.

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URGENT MHDC Parish News Update (December 2020). Warnings about Bird Flu Outbreak.

Coronavirus -New Lock Down Rules - Stay At Home as from January 5th 2021.

Police warning of Catalytic Converter thefts.

DANGER Take care entering the School Carpark at Berryfields.


Damage has been done to the entrance, involving the height limit structure and other metal posts

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***If you are going for a walk along the parish footpaths, Please keep dogs on leads as some farm animals can be spooked by your pets. Please report any stiles that need maintenance. Worcester County Council are offering free replacement kissing gates to land owners.

***Planning Application acronyms deciphered - see Planning page

***Keep up to date with your Parish Council - see Parish Council page

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Please review the new Registration and Joining Instructions.

There are videos on the web, and here is a 'How to Zoom' document.

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For new information on Planning changes & Concerns raised over proposed housing numbers - go to the Planning page

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See the Village Hall Management Committee Notice and visit the Village Hall page to see pictures of the progress on the Extension. 

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Hilltop Farm Pork for sale. To buy - email pork.

900 Free Open University Courses to feed the mind.

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Another change caused by Covid - 19, Footprints is only available here!  

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MHDC Planning Services Update related to effects of Covid-19 March 2020

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Missing the Gym? Berryfields' new All-Weather Jogging Track is ready for use.


Now you can exercise in the great outdoors with wonderful views. Don't forget your own hand sanitiser. Stay safe. 

  Village Notices

  • Broadwas Croquet Club update (October 2020)

  • Lower Broadheath Community Shop hours change plus ONE Year old party celebration picture.

  • To report fallen trees over the highway - phone 101. 

  • Are your hedges or trees encroaching paths - please see overhanging public paths

  • Bringing Faster Broadband to Cotheridge and Broadwas - see update

  • Road Safety - John Campion, West Mercia Police & Crime Commissioner's Road Safety email and Strategy document 

  • Find out what your Parish Council is all about

  • Worcester County Council's live link to Road Works & Closures.

  • MHDC Environmental Plan - visit Environmental page.

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